Murphy Performance Strategies offers a number of courses designed to help businesses

manage employees as well as develop more effective business performance.


              Management Courses

  The following training programs are

  targeted to help management become

  more effective leaders and to help them

  develop better organizational skills to

  increase company productivity.


             Seminar Sample ....


Building High Performing Teams

Managing and Documenting Performance

Team Assessment Profiles

Team Leader Profiling and Training

Team Member Profiling and Training

Developing a Team Charter

Organizational Assessments

Individualized Coaching for Leaders and Executive Managers

Job Analysis and Workforce Planning

Keynote and Motivational Speaking

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Meeting Management and Facilitation



     Personal Improvement Courses

  The following training courses are

  targeted to help employees improve

  their communications and interpersonal

  skills. Attendees learn to develop

  alternate approaches to solving problems

  as well as learning to think out of the



Effective Communication Skills

Conducting Productive Meetings

Delighting Customers and Delivering Customer Service

Powerful Presentation Dynamics

Managing Your Priorities

Effective Goal Setting

Creative Problem-Solving for Team Members

Diversity Awareness and Management



      Human Resources Courses

  The following training courses are

  targeted toward Human Resource

  personnel. Classes train and develop

  skills for handling difficult situations

  as well as bring updates to the latest

  legal issues.



Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Facilitating and Managing Change

Recognizing and Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

Behavior-Based Interviewing for Talented Candidates

Resolving and Managing Conflict

Performance Improvement Consulting

Cultural Competency Training

Coaching for Results-Oriented Performance

Performance Management Systems Development

Learning and Performance Improvement Program


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