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“Mr. Murphy did an excellent job of providing insight into some of the challenges we are currently facing as individual leaders and as an organization. I will definitely be able to use the information he provided to assist me in more "effectively" leading (not managing) my people. He was informative, attentive, and provided some good feedback & suggestions.”

“Excellent one day course and our instructor (Steve Murphy) was Outstanding!!”

“Steve, great job!! You helped our organization take a big step forward today!!! Thank you!”

“Steve was great. Gave relevant examples, was engaging & humorous-which kept my attention & made the material easy to understand & retain.”

“Steve Murphy-awesome facilitator. Kept everyone engaged.”

“Steve is without a doubt the best facilitator on the YLAY set of sessions. The content was relevant and useful.”

“Steve is a great asset, and I have been waiting for some strong leadership tools to grow my career and my experience! This training is great, and it changed my life.”

“Steve was the best trainer I've ever had the pleasure of learning from.”

“Steve was absolutely a positive influence in my growth with T-Mobile!”

“Steve was an excellent facilitator who made the class incredibly useful and fun while learning.”

“Most inspiring session I have been a part of. The flow was so good I learned a lot. Thank you for your knowledge and motivation.”

“Probably the best course I have ever attended.”

“Steve was an excellent facilitator. I can't imagine someone doing a better job.”

“Great motivational speaker. Thanks!”

“Steve made this learning course fun, interesting & understandable. He is the best facilitator I've had in any leadership, management meeting.”

“This has been the best course thus far in OFI's leadership curriculum. I highly recommend the course and Facilitator to other employees.”

“Wonderful course, one of the best I've taken ever. Great instructor, examples, and group discussion.”

“Steve is awesome, would attend any future classes he teaches. Great class!”

“Steve is one of the top 3 facilitators I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a top notch teacher, holding my attention and brought out my participation through humor, encouragement of challenges. I leave this class with tools of intellectual knowledge I need to become a better leader.”

“The best & most applicable leadership program I have been to. Thanks!”

“Steve Murphy is the best facilitator of any training session I have ever attended. He kept the session very interesting and useful.”